With my ongoing commitment to “Pay It Forward”, VO Heaven is a little slice of my VO life where I get to contribute back to my Voiceover community.

Workouts take place on Wednesdays & Saturdays. They are 1.5 hour sessions in groups of 5. You will perform, direct and increase your VO skills at a blistering pace.

Come listen in for FREE!

Check it out first on any workout!

4-5 work outs per month

Cost $25 per month


Learn the 6 KEY Elements for Creating Great VO Recordings!

You won’t learn by watching others. You LEARN by DOING.

Adobe Audition

You have struggled long enough!

Learn a work flow that will refine your editing to make not just good but GREAT

Organize Your Computer

A simple system to organize your files and folders.

Increase your productivity & peace of mind.

Quiet Booth Plans

This simple solution will give you an acoustically treated booth / area to record in.

Newly updated with exact measurements and pictures! Click Here To Learn More.


VO Work Time Calculator 

For long form narration you need to know how long it will REALLY take you.

Just plug in the number of words and this simple calculator will tell you.


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