My approach is simple.

No matter the genre, if you want your performances to be relaxed and conversational, you have to get focused on what you are focused on when you are actually having a conversation.

To do this, there are 3 simple rules. When you know the 3 rules, analyzing scripts is easy and you begin to see every performance choice you have, simply, calmly and easily. Then, and only then, do we focus on “emotion, point of view and style”.

Most, focus on emotion, point of view and style first, which is to focus on “the sound”. Without first having a solid technical view of a script (meaning), putting “emotion/style” on a performance is like putting “frosting on mud and calling it cake.”

I teach what I call “the scales of voiceover”. Like learning the scales on the piano. Every great jazz musician knows the scales inside and out.

When you know the scales of voiceover, you will see “the meaning” of what you are speaking. You will also see your performance choices easily. Then you will no longer be floating on a “hope and a prayer” to get to the performance you desire, but know exactly what you did to get there.

After my 2nd coaching session with Larry, I booked two national spots and became the voice of a major recruiting company. I know it happened from what he taught me. What I learned from Larry’s voiceover coaching is nothing less than “transformational.”   

Natasha M.

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